Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

When the ball drops.
The year dies.
We remain.
All staring at the start.

10.  Ready.
9.    set.
8.    remember.
7.    reflect.
6.    breathe.
5.    look.
4.    hold.
3.    grin.
2.    live.
1.    go.

boom.  It’s a new year.

In that instant of innocence we all stand silently among the screaming crowds. Eyes up, smile out. We hold our drinks and suspend ourselves in a momentary peace.  A fleeting millisecond of unavoidable joy.  A flash of pure beginning. The freshest breath of the winter.

Nobody ever mourns the passing year.
New ones are just too bright.
Too beautiful.
Too big. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Writing is my art.  It’s my design.  It’s my carpentry.  It’s my song. 
It’s what I am on paper.
Like a mirror for my mind
My dreams stare me in the eye,
My thoughts look through me
They know me
They are me.

I can’t hide who comes out of my fingers
I can’t deny the feelings that fall on the keys
I can’t be more honest than when im here,
In my own head
Where no one can see me.

Some of the things I find here are beautiful.
They don’t deserve dusty demises
They too should taste light,
I owe them that much.

That’s why I write.

To give life to what makes mine sweet.